All Porcelain Crowns and Bridges

Dr Kacel a dentist in Northbrook can treat chips and cracks with dental crowns and bridges. Let Northbrook Dentist Office restore integrity to your smile.

The Best Bridges and Dental Crowns in Northbrook

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Dr. Kacel, the leading dentist in Northbrook, has used dental crowns in Northbrook to create both cosmetic and functional benefits for thousands of patients in his 33 years of experience. Our Northbrook dental crowns, which are also often known as “caps” can be an excellent way to improve the aesthetics of your smile while still offering a number of long-term health benefits. There are a wide variety of uses for bridges and crowns.


Crowns and bridges are both used, often in conjunction, to fix a variety of issues. They are commonly used to treat:

  • Chips and Cracks.
  • Weak, Decaying Teeth
  • The Last Step After Root Canal Therapy
  • Missing Teeth

Individuals with these conditions can use all porcelain crowns and bridges to restore structural integrity to their bite and create a shining, beautiful smile. Chips and cracks can be unsightly, and decaying teeth can be painful. Porcelain crowns allow you to fix these issues without having to go through major surgeries and procedures.


All-porcelain crowns are completely metal-free. Each crown is customized for every patient, and is sized, shaped, and colored to match the teeth that will be surrounding it. Typically, permanent all-porcelain crowns take two visits, which yields a better overall fit than crowns that are made in a single visit.


Bridges are made to fill spaces created by missing teeth. Bridges are held in by crowns cemented onto the teeth adjacent to the space. These crowns serve as anchor points for the artificial teeth that will be fitted into the mouth. All-ceramic bridges are an excellent choice for most bridge applications, and typically look the most natural.


There are many reasons why missing teeth should be replaced. Not only does it have its cosmetic benefits, but it also can drastically affect your oral health over time as well. Missing teeth provide areas where food can get stuck, eroding the enamel of the tooth. Over time, the surrounding teeth will also shift out of place. This can cause issues with your bite, and even change the overall structure of your jaw. Missing teeth need to be addressed quickly to avoid the larger issues that they can lead to, and all-porcelain crowns and bridges are an excellent consideration.

There are many things that need to be taken into account when you are considering the use of all-porcelain crowns and bridges. Our dental crowns Northbrook can help to improve your life and your oral health. For most issues – they are the best and most consistent option available. If you would like high quality all-porcelain crowns and bridges, consider the services by Dr. Kacel, the premiere Northbrook dentist.

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