Our Staff

Meet The Staff Of The Dentist In Northbrook

As the premiere Dentist in Northbrook, we ensure that we hire only the most highly qualified and skilled individuals to positions within our office. This dentist in Northbrook, IL strives to provide top notch service to each patient! Dr. Kacel personally vets the skills of each and every individual to ensure that the high level of quality that our office has become known for is maintained!

Everyone in our office plays a key role, both in the level of quality that we provide and their ability to create a welcoming experience for our patients. We have the friendliest dental staff you’ll find in all of Northbrook!

Dental Hygienists

Dental hygienists play a key role in our office, and in any dental office. Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to, issuing preventative care, examining patients and treating periodontal issues. One key role of our hygienists is to help inform our patients of proper care, prevention and maintenance practices that help to create long term health benefits for our patients. Our hygienists have been extensively trained by some of the most prestigious institutions, and offer an excellent set of skills that help us to build our high quality services. Our dental hygienists play a key role in making us the premiere Northbrook Dentist.

Our dental hygienists team consists of: Rosemary, Tina, and Alexa

Dental Assistant

Our dental assistant Sebina plays a key role in our office. The goal of a dental assistant is to facilitate fast, high quality procedures and help the team to seamlessly transition between appointments.

She assists in a variety of ways including;

  • Helping with a variety of different treatments and procedures.
  • Taking our digital X-Rays (low radiation)
  • Helping to educate our patients about proper oral hygiene (and provide instructions for improving oral care)
  • Taking impressions of teeth
  • Performing office management tasks
  • General patient care

Sebina assists all members of our office in a variety of ways and is a vital part of our team. There is a good chance that Sebina will be the first person to inspect your teeth when you come into the office!

Front Desk

Our front desk will help to keep us on track! Debbie and Merritt will gladly help you with appointments, answer your phone calls, and walk you through the process of becoming a patient. They will be the first staff you’ll see when you enter the office, greeting you with a smile.

Dr. Kacel, leading dentist in Northbrook and his team, has provided high quality dental services for more than 33 years.

99.5% of patients would refer friends and family to us.

We hope you too will enjoy our services.