Digital X-Rays and CariVu Infrared Cavity Detection

CariVu Infrared

Our Dentist office,  is always on the cutting edge of dental technology, looking for new ways to keep our patients’ mouths healthy. Two of the newest methods include the newest version of digital x-rays and CariVu infrared cavity detection, both of which put the power of modern technology to work, battling tooth decay and protecting your overall oral health.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays offer a more convenient and easier way of looking into your mouth, examining your teeth, and ultimately identifying problematic areas so they can be effectively treated. When patients receive a  digital x-ray, they are exposed to less radiation than they would be with a traditional x-ray. Additionally, there is no waiting for film to develop; once the x-ray is taken it can be displayed on a screen for the dentist to view.

The convenience of digital x-rays allows for shorter dental appointments which benefits both dentist and patient. If your dentist notices a problem that needs to be reviewed by a specialist, he or she can easily transfer the x-rays and other dental records to the specialist for a second opinion. X-rays that do not get printed are more environmentally friendly and take up no space for storage.

CariVu Infrared Cavity Detection

CariVu by DEXIS is a dental diagnostic tool that uses patented technology to quickly and unobtrusively examine teeth and assess problems. Traditionally, patients would have to bite down on a “bitewing” to get part of their mouth x-rayed. Now, with CariVu infrared light cavity detection, dentists have a portable device that hugs the tooth and emits harmless infrared light.

The light makes the enamel of the tooth transparent, allowing your dentist to see the structure of the tooth. Lesions on the tooth absorb the light, appearing as dark areas on the tooth. Traditional fluorescent imaging methods of evaluating teeth for decay took longer because it required cleaning the teeth of bacteria, calibrating devices, and more.

The transilluminated picture of the tooth provided by CariVu can be used together with digital x-ray technology to provide a complete and comprehensive view of the health of a tooth. Early identification of an unhealthy tooth allows dentists and hygienists to develop an effective plan of preventive care.

To see the difference these methods of evaluating the health of teeth can make in person, schedule an appointment with our office today.